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     Learn about the Life-Giving benefits and the value of vegetables, organics and plant derived supplements, especially  regarding health, wellness and longevity, things that you thought only your Mom believed in and  recommended, and many of us have trouble eating. CLICK here.


         Professor Geoffrey Grant believes that the processing of food in the commercial venue detrimentally affects human aging, age-related diseases and therefore our existence. Humans in the industrialize world are subject to a multitude of toxic environmental substances, as well as food additives, preservatives and flavor and sensory enhancing ingredients that negatively contribute to our health and well-being. To extend the period of health and wellness the nutritional supplements that we ingest must be free from toxic additives, artificial preservatives and stimulants. We must supplement our diets with a wide variety of micro-nutrients that are normally unavailable in a 'standard' diet and ensure that these nutritional supplements are natural organic ingredients uncontaminated by any toxic additives.
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Dr. Grant  is interested and desires to correct the root molecular cause of aging,
He has an intense passion and is an acknowledged expertise in the remediation of the aging process.
His desire is to extend the period of  healthy human existence and to translate that improved wellness into a longer life and an ability to function independently with a higher quality of lifestyle. This means the prevention and/or correction of the body's dysfunctional intracellular signaling and energy metabolism that occurs as humans and animals age.
            During the past decade there has been enormous amounts of research conducted in the area of aging and its prevention. Prof. Grant has focused his studies upon the meta analysis of experimental molecular and biochemical events that surround age-related disease states and the commonalities of the declining physiology of cells, organs and tissues.
            Dr. Grant has developed and formulated recipes for wellness and a long healthy existence based upon readily available nutritional supplements each of which have been scientifically shown to independently retard the processes of aging. These nutritional supplements have been tested in animals and each has demonstrated the ability to extend the quality of a healthy existence of the treated animals in contrast to parallel controls.

  Dr. Grant's formulated recipe for wellness and a long healthy existence can be found at         OR downloaded as an Acrobat file
Information concerning the value of vegetables, organics and plant derived supplements.

            Professor Grant received a Bachelors and Masters degree in Food Technology and Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia, Canada and his doctorate in Cellular Biology at the University of California -San Diego where he was a Regents' Fellow. His post-doctoral research and, subsequently, an assistant professor faculty position was at the 'Salk Institute for Biological Studies' in San Diego California where he conducted research on the biology and chemistry of brain hormones as they relate to body physiology and regulation. In 1977, his mentor, Dr. Roger Guillemin received the Nobel Prize for the group’s discoveries on these brain hormones.
            Dr. Grant has published research articles in such prodigious journals as ‘Nature’ and ‘Science’  as well as a multitude of articles in peer reviewed journals. He has written many invited review chapters in scientific textbooks. Dr. Grant was a Co-Discoverer of Somatostatin, the Hypothalamic Growth Hormone Release Inhibiting Peptide [ SRIF ] that regulates the growth hormone and thyrotropin secretion of the pituitary and both insulin and glucagon secretion in the pancreas.
          Dr. Grant is an Emeritus Professor of Science. University of Texas

      Business Interests.
      Prof. Grant has established, University Technologies of Texas, inc.[ ] to commercialize the nutritional science and knowledge concerning aging and age-related diseases developed by university research into successful supplement products.
    Dr. Grant is a former director of the U Texas Arlington Technology Incubator, an entity striving to assist startup companies especially technologies originating from U Texas Arlington.
       Prior to 1998 Dr. Grant spent 20+ years acquiring, managing/operating, upgrading and developing 7-8 small manufacturing businesses. During 1992-3 he was CEO of Micrologix Biotech, inc a Canadian biotechnology company that he supervised during the transition into a public company and is now part of Migenix,inc. [TOR:MGI] a large Canadian biotechnology company.

Emeritus Professor. University of Texas
2006 Professor of Science. University of Texas, Arlington, TX
1998  Adj. Assoc. Research Prof.  Biomedical Sciences, Univ. No Texas HSC
1970-1975 Asst. Research Professor Salk Institute, La Jolla, California
1969-1970  Post-Doctoral Fellow  Salk Inst. San Diego
  1968  Ph.D.  Molecular Genetics & Cellular Biology. Univ. of California ., San Diego. 
  1964  M.Sc. Microbiology & Biochemistry inAgriculture, U. British Columbia,
  1962 B. Sc.Ag.. Food Technology & Agricultural Microbiology, University of British Columbia
     Grants and Awards
Regents Fellow at the University of California- San Diego.
2003  Principal Investigator for Univ Texas Arlington
Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration Grants
08-01-03834   $1,400,000
08-06-03757   $ 150,000
     Athletics  - Tennis

Dr. Grant's Highlights

Gold medalist doubles @ Int'l Tennis Federation World Senior Championships-2002. Velden, Austria
Medalist Singles @ Int'l Tennis Federation World Senior Championships-2001 Perth, Australia.
Three time US National Senior Tennis Singles Champion
Six time US National Senior Tennis Doubles Champion